A nuclear war has brought the earth to near destruction, the year is 2215 you are now thrown into the cruel world of EASurvival. Mutants, raiders and all sorts of apocalyptic nasties wait to shred you to pieces. Can you survive in the new world?
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 Wanderer Jude Ballard

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Jude Ballard

Jude Ballard

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Full Name: Jude Graham Ballard
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: August 7, 2197
Hair: Short Brown
Eyes: Bright Blue
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175lbs
Education: High School Graduate
Religion: Catholic (Recently Renounced)
Occupation: Marina Worker (Former)
Interests: Hiking, Boating, Horror Novels
Gear: Silenced AR-15 Assault Rifle w/ NVG 3x Scope (3 30-round clips, 210 180 rounds), 5 MREs, Pure 2 Go Water Purifying Canteen, Damascus Flexforce Riot Control Armor, North 7700 Half-Mask Respirator, Adventure Medical Lightweight First Aid Kit, White Ash Quarterstaff.
Strengths: Fast, Dexterous, Nature Familiarity, Skilled Gunman, Boundless Stamina, Quick Wits.
Weaknesses: Weak Constitution, Forgetful, Hesitant to Kill, Computer Inept, Fear of Being Restricted, Avoids Injuring Women.

In August 2197, Jude Ballard was born to Graham Ballard, a hunter, and Bell DeSaule, a machinist; members of the now defunct Edmunton settlement in Massachusetts which was overrun by mutants in 2208. Graham took his son away during the raid, and escaped from the grisly fate of Bell and the other settlers of Edmunton. For the next 3 years, Graham would teach Jude all that he knew about survival in the wastes: foraging, shooting, looting and tracking. In 2211, Graham would fall ill, breathing noxious fumes from the damaged basement of a paper mill outside Boston. Alone since that day, Jude has learned from his father, and his father's mistakes, utilizing a respirator at any time he is not confident in the quality of the air around him. Jude has had much success in scavenging quality equipment from the wastes and avoiding the mutants and anomalies that riddle the landscape, finally trekking into NYC in hopes that, as the most significant hub in the Northeastern U.S., his presence there can aid humanity in a response to the mutant threat. Jude generally sticks to the woods and hides out from threats, but often comes out of hiding to make contact with passing humans, which can get him in trouble. Jude is sociable and respectful to others, though an enthusiastic soul who seldom hesitates to say what's on his mind. With his father's ash staff by his side, Jude is ready for whatever comes his way, more often using his quick its and plethora of clever tricks than anything else.
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Wanderer Jude Ballard
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