A nuclear war has brought the earth to near destruction, the year is 2215 you are now thrown into the cruel world of EASurvival. Mutants, raiders and all sorts of apocalyptic nasties wait to shred you to pieces. Can you survive in the new world?
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 The Dark Wanderer

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The Dark Wanderer

The Dark Wanderer

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Character Name: The Dark Wanderer
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Seemingly Human

Background: No one knows much about The Dark Wanderer, but people have described him as many things, most of them not good. He has been called things in many languages; The Devil, Satan, El Diablo, and more. He used to be a normal man but something happend that most normal people wouldn't be able to understand.

Personality: He is an evil man, filled with hate and malice. He is a self-centered, narcissistic person. He hates almost everyone and everything, except his loyal followers who he hates slightly less. For them being corrupted by him.

Strengths: He is a normal man with average strength and speed, but he has been known to levitate, and appear out of nowhere, and on occasion transmute into an animal, he is not in full control of his powers.

Weaknesses: His hatred for humanity knows no bounds, because of this he is: quick to think, quick to act, and will sometimes get into trouble from it. He is not in full control of his powers and things don't always work how he plans them.

Description: A tall skinny man, who would, if he was not so evil, be a fairly handsome man. He has black hair and no one has ever seen the pits of his eyes for tales tell of them eating mens souls.
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The Dark Wanderer
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