A nuclear war has brought the earth to near destruction, the year is 2215 you are now thrown into the cruel world of EASurvival. Mutants, raiders and all sorts of apocalyptic nasties wait to shred you to pieces. Can you survive in the new world?
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 Inner City

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The Dark Wanderer

The Dark Wanderer

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PostSubject: Inner City   Inner City Icon_minitimeWed Dec 01, 2010 10:09 pm

Buildings were springing up all around the wanderer and he noticed many of them were well intact. As he continued walking he came across a very large one with most of it's windows not shattered. He went inside and in the lobby was a crudely made sign that read "Stay Out!" written in red ink made to imitate blood. The Dark Wanderer went over to the sign and inspected it, it was fairly clean and he decided it was put there pretty recently. He went to the next room which had two stair cases on each side of the room and in the center an elevator. He called out "Anybody home?!" suddenly from behind him he heard a loud gunshot. He curtly turned around and saw a young kid around 16-17 holding a 9mm pistol. The Wandered said "Watch where you point that thing you might hurt someone." The kid lowered the pistol but kept it out and said "Who are you? Answer or I'll shoot again, and I wont miss." The Wanderer raised his hands and slowly moved forward saying "I mean you no harm, I have traveled far and am quite tired, would I be able to spend the evening here? And are there any other survivors here?" The boy obviously trusting said "There sure are! My dad, and three of his closest friends! But I don't know how they would feel about having another mouth to feed, how about I'll introduce you to them and we'll see what they say?" The Wanderer's face lit up in a malicious grin as he said "That would be excellent..." they continued further into the building (To Evil's Abode)
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PostSubject: Re: Inner City   Inner City Icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 3:54 pm

"Okay mister follow me then." The young boy said to the newcomer. The boy went up some stairs to a door. (to Evils Abode)
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Inner City
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