A nuclear war has brought the earth to near destruction, the year is 2215 you are now thrown into the cruel world of EASurvival. Mutants, raiders and all sorts of apocalyptic nasties wait to shred you to pieces. Can you survive in the new world?
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 Sabrielle "Soraya" Prince

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Character Name: Sabrielle “Soraya” Prince

Gender: Female
Age: 1021, give or take
Race: Human

Background: Soraya first awoke, disoriented and confused in the middle of a field. She appeared physically unharmed, but had one large problem: She couldn’t remember the first thing about herself. Her only clues were in her few possessions: a silver bracelet worn on her left wrist on which a delicate silver charm was perched and engraved with the name, “Soraya,” a necklace around her neck, and an ornate dagger boasting some dried blood on the blade. Though unsure any of the belongings were hers, with no other information to build from, the red-haired girl took on the name engraved on her silver charm.

Soraya wandered the land of Hintervold in search of her identity and past, a search that eventually led her to meet the Prince vampire clan. She fell in love with Vlad upon first sight, and despite her fears of mortality and her own human nature, the two were eventually wed, giving Soraya a family to call her own. Vlad even eventually helped her recover her own past memories, though she gladly chose her new life over trying to return to her old one and even chose to keep her new name.

With the return of her memories, Soraya was also able to regain control of her fire-wielding abilities and her empathetic abilities, skills which allow her to feel out strong emotional reactions, hear mindspeak, and, mainly, control fire and heat, whether in self-defense or to attack others.

As time wore on, Soraya and Vlad soon came to realize that despite her human nature and frailties, she had effectively stopped aging. As it had happened, an old gypsy woman had mischievously placed a “curse,” on Soraya early on in the duo’s relationship, binding the redhead’s natural lifespan and youth to her mate’s without having realized that Vlad was immortal. As such, Soraya was able to remain with her family for as long as she could avoid death caused by outside or violent factors.

Soraya eventually gave birth to three children.

Their oldest, Tommen, is now somewhere around 1000 years old, though he met his first death at the age of 22. Tommen has thick black curls and features that are reminiscent of Vlad’s uncle Radu’s. His personality also tends to lean the way Radu’s does, somewhat more serious and pensive, quieter, and generally one to think before acting. Those who meet him can often be confused by the fact that Soraya and Vlad are his parents, as he appears slightly older than they are.

Their second child, Michael, is somewhere around 750 years of age. He was 17 upon first death. His hair appears to be lighter than his father’s, though it is darker than his mother’s, giving it reddish-brown color. His eyes are as blue as the rest of his family’s and his face resembles most Vlad’s, particularly when smiling. His character also seems to follow his own parents’, and perhaps his uncle Minhea, as he is quick to make jokes and tease. He is also their child who is most likely to run headlong into dangerous situations without giving it much thought, a stark contrast to his older brother.

Brianna is a mere 250 years old, but was the youngest upon first death, being only 6 when the fever took her, much to Soraya’s chagrin. She has dark, cascading curls, but a face just like her mother’s. Having been so young upon her first death, Bri has maintained the innocence and naïveté of childhood and will likely forever remain much like a child.

Together, the family has stayed close by their patriarch Radu’s side, struggling to survive first as the bombs fell, then as they scoured the ruined continent in the hopes of finding their lost family member, Naitachel.

Personality: Soraya has always been a rather playful, happy person, a trait most outlined when she is with her family, though sometimes this happy countenance is also used to hide pain or discomfort from others.

Soraya has also taken on the role of “mother,” amongst the family, likely due to raising her own children, though it now extends somewhat to the other members as well. She is generally the caretaker and caregiver, gentle and loving, though not without a firm hand when needed. Of course, this is usually most effective when dealing with her own children, who have learned to heed her lest they be chastised by herself and their father.

The redhead also has several traits associated with the fire that she controls, mainly a fierce determination, stubbornness and steady heart. She may be slight in build and merely human, but she can be a force to reckoned with; she will fight as fiercely as the fiercest mother will to protect her young and her family and will do anything and everything she can to bring down anyone threatening those she loves.

Strengths: Soraya has strong fire-control abilities that she can use to fight off enemies, whether it be blistering heat that would burn those who want to accost her or to all-out set them on fire, or even large fireballs that can bring down entire buildings. She also has some empathy that she can use to sense out enemies and to communicate telepathically with her family in times of need.

Soraya’s has a sense of independence, and self-reliance when necessary and she doesn’t have a bad head on her shoulder which she can use to reason her way out of situations.

Though she is no soldier, over the years she has learned a bit about physical combat. She is willing to use her dagger or any other means available to defend herself and her family. Though this may have limited efficiency against trained combatants or mutants, you can be sure Soraya will do anything and everything she can, including even clawing at her attacker, to land some damage.

Weaknesses: Soraya is human, and has all the weaknesses associated with that. What’s more, she is a rather small human who cannot boast to be strong or adept at warfare and battle, and even her fierceness cannot make up for that fact. Despite the fact that she does not age and will not die of natural causes, Soraya /can/ be killed by violence and will succumb to any wounds inflicted on her that are serious enough.

Also, any enemy determined enough can use her family against her, as there is nothing she wouldn’t do to protect them, even if it meant allowing harm to come to herself.

Also, Soraya's sense of direction is atrocious. She could get lost in a closet. Never, ever count on her to get her where you need to be, as you are liable to be traveling in completely the wrong direction.

Description: Soraya is of slight build, 5’4” and petite, though her figure does have considerable curve. She boasts a full mane of curly fiery-red hair that hangs almost down to her waist, though it is generally pulled back into a ponytail or braid. Her complexion is stereotypic of someone with red hair – fair, though apparently exposure to the sun brings out a few freckles along her nose. She has wide, dark blue eyes that others tend to describe as piercing. She has full, pouty lips that tend to become even more so when Soraya is agitated or angry. Her features could almost be described as pixie-like, and she is one of those natural beauties that is unconscious of her attractiveness to men.

Though her attire changes to suit the needs of the moment (obviously depending on their availability), she generally wears simple clothes, without too much adornment, choosing comfort over style, particularly in these hard times. She can almost always be seen wearing a delicate silver chain with a charm on her left wrist, and has a silver chain adorned with a large violet stone pendant around her neck. Though her own dagger has long since been lost, she is usually hiding a small blade of some form on her person which she will use in self-defense or to protect her own.
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Sabrielle "Soraya" Prince
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