A nuclear war has brought the earth to near destruction, the year is 2215 you are now thrown into the cruel world of EASurvival. Mutants, raiders and all sorts of apocalyptic nasties wait to shred you to pieces. Can you survive in the new world?
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 Dr. Marlon Moreau

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Dr. Marlon Moreau

Dr. Marlon Moreau

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Name: Dr. Marlon Moreau

Race: Human (Debatable)

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Little is known about the Doctor before the wars, and less is forthcoming now that most records have been lost. What is certain is that he was a child prodigy, a biochemical and genetic genius that the military snatched up as soon as possible for hidden projects on a secret underground base just south of Boston. Over time, his breakthroughs in biological warfare became more and more important, especially as the war escallated, and he was given more and more authority, any ethical transgressions brushed aside in the name of the greater good. During this, he seemed to gain a foothold over those working with him, using various insidious means...

Then the bombs fell, and the Doctor made his move, finally openly taking control of the base and the denseigns within. Their unlikely location in a populated area and the secrecy surrounding their work kept their base safe from serious harm, as they were not a true target of the bombs. Thus they were able to dig out, and now have expanded visibly into forming a massive compound of buildings and bunkers, well protected by electrical barbed-wire fencing and electromagnetic fields and possibly far worse within the shadows... Rumor has it some of the Doctor's experiments help guard the place--or is it keep the residents within?

Through psychology and drugs and other means, the Doctor controls a couple squads of professional soldiers, a crew of lab-coat-wearing assistants, and a thin staff of mundane laborers for cleaning and other mundane needs. Discipline is held firm by the soldiers, but final word is Dr. Moreau's--and if you can justify your case to him scientifically, he might just let you run it.

Some say he has none, and others say he's a monster. The Doctor has no sympathy or empathy or compassion to speak of, being purely a man of science and facts. He doesn't give a damn except for his hunt for knowledge, and even finds his own pain fascinating. That results in some rather ruthless experiments, though. And his curiosity is insatiable... leading him to want to experiment on survivors to see why they yet live (they may not for long, while he finds out), and mutants to see why and how they changed (though they don't tend to fare much better)... and any other thing he comes across.

Dr. Moreau lives to learn and experiment--he loves what he does, and the processes and challenges involved. Data is his purpose in life, and life itself be hanged! Thus he's a bit arrogant, but he can be very, very patient...

Other scientists know his genius and insight are amazing, and his followers obey him because they think that he's brilliant, and because he's convinced them that their intelligence is likewise above and beyond other humans. The military members obey him because he's proved to be their salvation with his ideas, keeping them alive and thriving, even--they're desperate not to lose their only resource against the terrors outside their walls. Others are just happy with the haven he's created, and the order the military keeps. Any malcontents either end up submitting blindly due to drugs, psychological conditioning, or threats... or end up becoming test subjects themselves.

The Doctor has a logical mind, and is a genius at biology and chemistry and genetics and psychology. With all the studying he has done of mankind and animals--and now survivors and mutants--he has learned many ways to manipulate those around him to do his bidding, no questions asked. He readily manipulates strangers (those rare few he won't experiment on) and what few travelers the base trades with. The base is entirely his, and would be lost without him. But his is a formidable mind to face as a foe... as he can predict many a raider's or mutant band's next moves and is creative in his nasty solutions. What few have escaped his interest, have spread word to keep FAR away from him, and to RUN if he even hints of looking your way...

He is ruthless and confident. He will be cruel if it gets results he wants. He doesn't care about others except as resources, and will sacrifice them readily if the value of the loss is less than that gained. Even his own spilled blood--personal injuries--are of no consequence if the gain is high enough.

The Doctor is of good health, and amazingly fast with a needle or scalpel, so no mean opponent in a knife-fight if it gets to that. He has built a tolerance to many drugs and toxic substances from years in these labs. As for his lifespan, it may be longer than expected--due to his research (he didn't hesitate to modify himself in that regard)--and thus he ages very slowly at all.

The Doctor has no real combat experience, and not much training or skill with weapons. A lab coat is all he usually wears, and no physical protection. He relies on others for physical protection and uses his tactical skills, knowledge, and deviousness if they fail. Physically, he is no stronger than any other ordinary man, and as easily injured as any other civilian.

Dr. Moreau has no personal relationships to speak of, other than protoges by merit and competent followers. While others think he's a genius, and above all in his intellect and insight, they also know he has no interpersonal skills and some think he's a jerk (though to them, that's a minor flaw for so great a man). Most follow him because he makes them feel superior, in intelligence (by association, aka "He's so smart, he wouldn't choose idiots to work with him...") and resources ("We've more than anyone else, and we're a better run city than any were even before the war!")--but they wouldn't give a damn for him if someone equally competent was in charge. Those who fear him are more loyal, but on the off-chance might take an opportunity to try to destroy him or escape. Those he keeps obedient with drugs may break free of his control if they miss a few doses, but that's unlikely within the compound, and if they're wise they won't let others catch on to their change in attitude...

Dr. Moreau is a tall, thin man with dark hair, usually tying the latter back and out of his way. He wears glasses, though he really doesn't need them for anything except keeping blood-spatter from his eyes. His eyes are a cold hazel, his facial features lean and sharp like a fox's. He wears simple dark slacks and shoes, a white business shirt, and a lab-coat over all.

In the pockets of the lab-coat, the Doctor keeps various needles ready to go at a moment's notice, various pills on hand, and a selection of surgical blades and other tools.

You don't want to play with him...
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Dr. Marlon Moreau
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