A nuclear war has brought the earth to near destruction, the year is 2215 you are now thrown into the cruel world of EASurvival. Mutants, raiders and all sorts of apocalyptic nasties wait to shred you to pieces. Can you survive in the new world?
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 2-1 aka "Tuvon"

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PostSubject: 2-1 aka "Tuvon"   2-1 aka "Tuvon" Icon_minitimeSun Feb 20, 2011 9:18 pm

Name: Tuvon (2-1)

Age: Unknown, not yet 30s, maybe?

Race: Mutant (Part man, part monkey, part cat... maybe other things, too?)

Gender: Male

Tuvon's memories are hazy, regarding his past. He thinks he may have been human once, when younger... but otherwise his memories are of living in the labs at Marshfield Naval Base, subjected to vague but terrible things, going through intense physical and mental training. He was always called by numbers, never given a name, so he derived "Tuvon" from it, adopting that as his true title in his own mind at least. As time went on, he pretended to be more and more animalistic, that his intelligence dropped to the level of a beast...

Because he heard word of a wider world out there... and something within him whispered that the Base was no place for him, that his fortunes lay elsewhere amid the unknown.

It was the best way, the only way, to escape. The day arrived when they thought they locked him up as usual, and yet he slipped free and dodged and snuck his way through the base's security, putting all his clever planning into play at long last. And so he escaped his handlers at long last--and perhaps his creators as well?

Tuvon is generally mischievous, cheerful, and has the curiosity of a cat. He loves to explore, investigate, and learn. However, because of his inhuman nature, he is also quick to shift into a moody sulk or violent anger. His temper is all the more mercurial because his time in the labs has made him reluctant to trust humans and he's tired of being prodded and hurt, so he'll act defensively at the slightest provocation... unless he knows the people well and they've won him over.

Tuvon is inhumanly fast and strong, his body made of almost pure lean muscle. His bones and all that thick muscle can handle a LOT of damage, and combined with his rage, he is as difficult to stop as a Berserker. His climbing skills are unfounded, as his feet have opposable thumbs and his sense of balance is unparalleled because of his tail. His hearing is as acute as a cat's, his sense of smell is as strong as a cat's, and his vision is sensitive to movement and equally sharp in light and dark.

Under normal-looking finger- and toe-nails are retracted claws, very sharp like a cat's. His tail is prehensile and can let him hang from a steel girder as securely as any monkey. He has the long sharp canines and deadly bite of any true monkey.

In the labs he learned to be an expert at hand-to-hand, as graceful as a martial arts professional of the highest caliber and more deadly due to his inhuman attributes. His best defenses are stick-fighting, with a pole eight to ten feet long, and throwing knives, though he frequently uses sharp shards of glass as substitutes. The power, speed, and accuracy behind his blows are inhumaly terrible, and meant to kill.

With the intense training of his body, he learned to focus his mind enough that he can speak telepathically with other telepaths, though he tends to use concepts and images more than words.

Tuvon can't swim, as he has not enough fat to stay afloat. Because of the design of his feet, he can only dash short distances like a man, and beyond that is faster either hopping or on all fours--he is NOT designed for chases over flat surfaces. He can handle guns if need be, but doesn't like the grip because of his hidden talons limiting his hold, nor does he care for the noise much. His strength and the conditioning at the labs makes it more difficult for him to be gentle and handle anything or anyone delicately, so electronics are doomed around him. His tantrums when frustrated or angry are very destructive, but so can be his celebrations of victory.

Tuvon is utterly colorblind. He also can make certain animalistic sounds, from whooping to roaring, but cannot form speech at all, so for communication he primarily resorts to sign-language, or hand signals like the military uses. His telepathy is rather limited, short-range only, and only with other telepaths. This communication issue hinders him when he meets humans, as he can't explain himself most of the time, and thus misunderstandings are likely to occur often.

Tuvon is perhaps five foot ten, not very big, and all lean and lithe muscle. Strong hands are calloused, as are his feet (which have prehensile toes, much like thumbs), and under what seem to be ordinary nails are retractable sharp talons like a cat. A prehensile tail about four feet long hangs behind him, covered in short fur. His hair/fur is a golden-brown color, almost a tawny bronze, forming a bit of a mane around his face and on his cheeks, covering his tail, adding a thin coat to much of his body. Large canine teeth arm his mouth, but remain hidden--as does the tattoo of his number ("2-1") on the inside of his bottom lip. His ears are somewhat mobile, not exactly human in shape, his nose a bit pushed in over his mouth, and his facial features are a bit flatter than a human's--somewhat ape-like.

Yet his eyes are blue.

A creature of habit, he likes comfortably-fitting cloth and leather clothing, and in the greater world can always find something at the deserted stores (which he loves to explore). Often he carries shaped "knives" he made of shards of glass in bandoliers across his chest, normal knives sheathed about the rest of his body, a leather backpack on his back, and an eight to ten foot tall pole for defense (and as a look-out point) in hand.
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2-1 aka "Tuvon"
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