A nuclear war has brought the earth to near destruction, the year is 2215 you are now thrown into the cruel world of EASurvival. Mutants, raiders and all sorts of apocalyptic nasties wait to shred you to pieces. Can you survive in the new world?
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Name: Raena Isabelle"Rae" Wolfe

Age: 18

Race: werewolf

gender:: female

Appearance: Dark Brown Curly Hair, Green Eyes, Pale Skin. Approximately 5'2" tall. Very slender.


Rae is a petite, almost fragile looking girl. She is much stronger than she looks, though. She, like her ancestors before her, is well - versed herbal and holistic medicine, but she's not a healer and has no interest in becoming one. She's got little interest in much, at this point, beyond finding her siblings and surviving in this new world without being found out for the "freak" that she believes she is.
For as many generations back as anyone can trace, there's been something "odd" about her family.
Most had the same "freak" gene she did, but the few that didn't, like her older brother, Jason, still weren't what you'd call normal. Some had unusual abilities. Jason could talk to animals. Others, though, were oddly mutated. Most of them didn't survive. She and Ian, her younger brother, had the "freak" gene, though.

They didn't just talk to animals. They became them.

They were all telepaths, with heightened senses, but only Jason had heightened physical strength and reflexes in human form. The others had to shift, at least partially, and tap into the wolf they could become if they were to become stronger, faster, or more agile.
They were all home schooled, taught by their mother, as she'd been taught by hers, and she hers, for generations. Their father was a quiet, unassuming man with a large farm and no great love of strangers. He wasn't a freak like the rest of them, but he loved their mother so much that he couldn't manage to care that she was. Their family didn't trust outsiders much. They knew full well that, no matter how many times they insisted otherwise, the outsiders would always come to hate and fear them eventually. That's just how it was with those who are different. Two years before the war, when Rae was 15, their parents were killed She and her brothers were in the fields, .when they saw the smoke. They ran back to find their home on fire, their parents trapped inside. They never found out how it started.

Being more "normal" than the rest of them, Jason decided to leave the farm the following year, thinking he might be able to start a new life and do something more for his family. Despite his lack of world experience and formal education, he'd made it into a good college. He was going to live a normal life, and help his siblings to do the same. Rae thought she hated him for that. When Ian followed him, leaving her alone on their lands, she'd felt abandoned. Even then, though, it had never occurred to her to leave their beloved lands. This was her home. Her sanctuary.

All that changed after the bombs fell.

There'd been an underground shelter on their lands, well stocked and maintained, forever. Nobody was sure who built it or why. The generator was self sustaining, so she always had power. There was enough food and water to see to the needs of ten people for at least twenty years, and an enormous book, film, and audio library to keep her entertained. Rae had everything she could possibly need - except company. At first she managed well enough on her own, watching films and reading, reminding herself that the world would clear eventually and she'd find Jason and Ian then. She recorded message after message in her video diary for them, in case they came back and she wasn't here, as she had every intention of going to look for them. After a few years, though, she stopped recording. In fact, she stopped talking entirely.

By the time she exited her shelter, her lands had became overrun by mutants. She escaped them only by shifting and fleeing her beloved lands. She'd run until she no longer could, then taken refuge inside an abandoned supermarket, but that wasn't safe for long.

No place was.

Mutants, slavers, freaks and thugs. They all seemed to thrive in this new world. She doesn't know how long she's been running. How long she's been searching. All she knows is she can't stop. Not if she wants to survive.


Rae is a timid, quiet young woman, She's slow to trust, but completely faithful when she does. She doesn't trust doctors and blames science for much of what happened to their world. She wants to believe - NEEDS to believe - her brothers are still out there, alive and well somewhere, and will fight against anyone or anything that dares suggest otherwise. She's great with plants and animals, but not comfortable with people at all, no matter what their age


Rae has the strength and heightened senses common among her family's "freaks". She's a telepath with occasional bursts of other abilities, though she's no idea how to call on them or control them, so she doesn't try to use them. She doesn't trust them. Even so, she's fierce when forced to fight, and can't stand by and let anyone else get hurt if she can help it. Despite her reluctance, she'll almost always step in to help.


Rae doesn't trust anyone. This causes her to remain isolated even in large groups. Further, her years alone have damaged, somewhat, her ability to relate to others. It also keeps her from staying anywhere for long. She's desperate to find her brothers, and cannot accept even for a moment the possibility that they might be dead, despite the odds against them. She needs them to be alive. The alternative would be that she's the last of their line - alone - and she just can't bear that idea.
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