A nuclear war has brought the earth to near destruction, the year is 2215 you are now thrown into the cruel world of EASurvival. Mutants, raiders and all sorts of apocalyptic nasties wait to shred you to pieces. Can you survive in the new world?
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 Sebastian "Seabay" Florentine

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Seabay Florentine

Seabay Florentine

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PostSubject: Sebastian "Seabay" Florentine   Sebastian "Seabay" Florentine Icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2011 2:53 am

Name: Sebastian "Seabay" Zen Florentine (tho some call him Ce-Ce, or by his middle name Zen)

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 18, going on 19.

A somewhat frail-looking teenager with a naturally delicate, slender build, "Seabay" is 5'9". Nearly waist-long brown-black hair with chestnut highlights hangs limply about his face, shoulders, and back and tends to trail into his eyes. He has a heart-shaped face, smooth cheekbones, and elegant brush-stroked eyebrows, with long dark lashes around brown eyes that have turned more and more burgundy over the past couple years. Sebastian's voice is rough and hoarse, though normally he'd have been a mid-tenor.

Sebastian tends to wear long dark slacks with loose dress-shirts, or jeans and plain business-shirts. Over his clothes he wears thin overcoat, and over that, a long trench-coat. His ankle-high leather boots are hand-tooled and fit like a glove. Often he dons fingerless gloves, as they seem to help the occasional ache in his hands. Everything he wears is high quality, if worn.

With him, in a coat pocket, is a pen-like reader with a single ear piece, which (when the batteries work) he can use to scan signs/papers and read what they say, as well as an expensive adapted Rolex that says the time out loud when he pushes a button. Usually well hidden, a silver chain suspends a silver-and-platinum pendant over his chest, shaped to form a wave cresting into an "S". He carries a switchblade knife in the trench-coat's pocket, a military-caliber limited-edition Glock is holstered against his ribs under the overcoat, and a survivalist's handy deluxe multi tool is tucked in the back of his pants.

Marta is his dog, a specially-bred German Shepard about 6' long and usually 250lbs. She acts usually as his guide dog, but she was trained to be a guard-dog and attack-dog as well, to be his friend and bodyguard ever since the attack on him at age 17. She's only 3 years old, but loyal to a fault. Marta will only disobey ONE command from Seabay--and that's to leave him. She wears a plain black leather collar with a tag exactly the same as Sebastian's pendant.

Sebastian's a peaceful, friendly fellow, a bit more eager to trust others, but he still has a healthy dose of wariness due to his poisoning. He's a loyal, steadfast friend who'd willingly sacrifice himself for others because he knows he's the weakest link for surviving out here (to him, it's only a matter of time, with his disabilities), and he wants his death to have meaning--but he fears death enough to only make such a move if it's a life-or-death situation for those he cares for. Mostly calm in stressful situations, clever, imaginative, with a great memory for detail, and extremely resourceful despite (and because) of his disabilities, he's good at solving problems and taking action when danger strikes. This is simply him being the great leader as he was born and trained to be. He tries to defer to others, however, because he doesn't see himself as very useful when he's so disabled. Normally, he'd be rather cheerful, too, but this world isn't near normal anymore...

Sebastian Zen Florentine was born to the internationally-powerful business moguls Fernando Florentine and his wife Zelany, as the heir to the Seabay International Shipping fortune. Growing up, he was raised hopping from country to country with them, learning to be diplomatic and a leader from the moment he began to talk, always involved in the massive company that he would one day inherit. Sure, time was set aside for and extensive formal education and the arts, and even scheduled to teach him more pleasant recreational activities, such as hunting, surfing, even X-sports, though he never became too attached to any particular past-time. The business was to become his life, though his parents made sure he knew how many people would be depending on him, and how his every minor word and act could effect others. So he grew up a charismatic, outgoing, friendly, and enthusiastic youth, intent on making the world a better place--laughing to many that he intended to essentially imitate Bruce Wayne, while skipping the whole Batman part because he didn't think he'd look good in tights.

Then unrest began between the world powers. Because Seabay International had such extensive influence and would always try to ship certain items such as food and medicine across battle lines, many countries and groups began to murmur threats, and even attempt to wrest control of their fleet both with subtle and violent means. Luckily, the company had loyal employees to protect it, much loved by those who worked for it because it was fair and loyal in return. However, eventually those threats led to attempts on the lives of Sebastian and his parents... and resulted in Sebastian being poisoned at age 17.

The poison almost killed him. Thanks to the best medical care the world could offer, he survived and underwent a good year's worth of rehab--but his vision was destroyed to merely intense shadows and light, his lungs and throat scarred, nerve damage inflicted to his legs and hands that results in pain with minor exertion and collapse with major exertion, and left him a fairly fragile constitution with limited endurance and strength. This almost broke the youth's spirit, but he rallied defiantly back to his parents' side--though ever since the incident they kept him protectively hidden, lest someone try again...

Until war hit, and the world began to collapse in flames. Bunkers were made for employees to hide in, the company providing for its own... and when the biggest strikes began to fall, his family tried for the one hidden in Boston--but only Sebastian made it. Henry, the servant who drove him and helped him within, unfortunately stepped out to lock the gates just as the first bomb fell... and so Sebastian and Marta have remained on their own in that bunker. It taught Sebastian a few things, like how to scrub, man a ham radio, and even cook--and it gave him a chance to read and read and read... as the radio grew more silent and still nobody came...

Sebastian has a lot of inner strength and nothing to lose anymore. He's clever, resourceful, cool and collected, and mentally mature past his years. He's VERY well educated, first formally and later by just reading anything he can get his hands on, out of sheer boredom. So he knows how to do many things even if physically he can't, and often how they work and why. He even has many maps of various major cities memorized, due to his training to be the company's heir, as well as a lot of knowledge about vehicles, shipping containers, and even the very goods they often hauled.

He knows how to use weapons, from guns to knives, and while he's at best merely competent with guns, he's adept at defending himself with his switchblade when grappling with someone else. Because he looks so frail and is clearly blind, often others underestimate him, which helps.

Marta is smart, large, strong, and well-trained--a great help and a greater defense: able to take down a mutant, and trained to kill a man with a gun on her master's behalf. If he's hurt, she can and will drag him to safety.

Sebastian's health and constitution are his weakness. He can't endure much, and he really is fragile at times. That last growth spurt got cancelled by his poisoning, so he's at where he's at. Without Marta and other people, he's really rather helpless, used to relying on others and technology to compensate for his blindness and physical weakness because those were always available to him before the bombs fell.

The media made a big fuss over his attempted murder. Some might recognize his face or his name and attach that to his expensive clothes--certainly his pendant as that was Seabay International's logo. Anyone who knows anything about the company, however, might realize that they had the resources to make bunkers worldwide to save their employees--and this kid knows where those are and where the rest of the company's resources are locked away... and possibly even where their gold assets are hidden.
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Sebastian "Seabay" Florentine
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