A nuclear war has brought the earth to near destruction, the year is 2215 you are now thrown into the cruel world of EASurvival. Mutants, raiders and all sorts of apocalyptic nasties wait to shred you to pieces. Can you survive in the new world?
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 Amelia "Lia" Jensen

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Lia Jensen

Lia Jensen

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Character Name: Amelia "Lia" Jensen

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human

Background: There really isn't all that much to say about Lia. She grew up as a middle-class child, raised by her single architect mother. Her father, a well-known defense attorney, deserted Lia and her mother when she was about 10, leaving them for the cliched younger secretary, with whom he had lived in New York, along with Lia's toddler half-brother Finn. Lia hadn't actually spoken to her father on a day other than their courteous exchanges for her birthday or Christmas in years.

Having been gifted in all things art since she was a tiny child, Lia attended the Boston Arts Academy, doing everything from dance to music to theater. She had even dabbled in visual arts such as painting and drawing, though her real passion was for the movement and rhythm of dance and playing piano.

Amelia refuses to talk much about what's happened since the bombs fell. Like most others out there, she's witnessed atrocities and violence no one should ever witness, but she's the type who would prefer to lock it all away and pretend it never happened than to admit it's all eating at her insides. As such, exactly what happened to leave the teenaged girl alone in this kind of world is rather unclear.

Personality: In one word, Lia can be described as head-strong. She likes to do things her way and isn't one to really consider alternate points of view until it's become obvious she's led herself (and maybe others) into a bad situation. She's outspoken and contrary, often to the point of being infuriating and rude. She will attach herself to other groups quite trustingly, though she's quick to also make sure they know there is no emotional or altruistic attachment on her part; she's with them until the alliance stops being mutually beneficial, and then she'll move on. Or at least, so she claims.

To anyone who's the least bit versed in psychology, however, it becomes apparent that Lia's overly tenacious nature comes from some deep-seeded emotional trauma (though who doesn't have those in times like these?). Amelia's behavior is often a cover to keep herself closed off, as well as to avoid dealing with those inner demons she's stored away and refuses to actually confront. If one actually manages to get past her tough, stubborn exterior, one might find that she is merely a lost, frightened teenaged girl who actually cares about others and wants what's best for them. She puts up shields to keep herself from caring too much about anyone else, as she's sure that anyone out there will eventually leave her, either willingly or by dying. It's best for her, therefore, if she simply puts up a tough exterior and pushes people away in an effort to keep from getting hurt too badly when that happens. Only someone very patient and persistent might manage to actually push through those walls to see the inner core, however, and perhaps even eventually coax her to confronting and admitting what it was she's gone through.

Strengths: Having been a dancer, Lia is used to physical punishment, and is quite sturdy when it comes to things like long-distance hiking. It also means she's athletic and able to pull acrobatics and moves that many in the general populace can't accomplish, which gives her an edge when trying to run away from others. For example, she's able to make that long jump between rooftops that would send most people tumbling downward. She's not a fighter, but this ability also gives her /some/ sense of self-defense and ability in action, if she's forced into a confrontation.

No stranger to hard work required by her art, Lia is tenacious, and stubborn, which can work to her benefit in a world like this. She's not one who's simply going to lay down and die just because the situation seems hopeless. She'll keep fighting until that last breath.

Weaknesses: Lia's just a girl. She's no superhero, no crime-fighter or even well-trained soldier. She comes with all of those human frailties and faults. She also tends to run headlong into situations without thinking, frequently only to prove a point.

Description: Lia is petite and muscular, blessed with a dancer's body. She has a long neck, shortened torso, and long, thin, lean and attractive legs, all of which made her the ideal dancer. She has long, blonde hair with a little curl to it, and bright green eyes.

Despite her misgivings about her current attire (she was, admittedly a bit preoccupied with fashion before all this), Lia currently sports the most comfortable attire possible, consisting of jeans, a red t-shirt and a black hoodie for a little added warmth. She carries a heavy backpack with her, stuffed with as many necessities as possible, including things like food and blankets, and a heavier wool coat for when it gets colder out.
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Amelia "Lia" Jensen
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